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About Us


Stephen Murphys Fitness Community


We have expert instructors using their experience in the fitness industry to provide you with a high class workout. We provide both indoor and outdoor classes.

Our classes are challenging but very enjoyable at the same time. We can adapt classes to cater for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Classes are wide ranging consisting of Box-Fit, Circuits, H.I.I.T, Fat burning and Abs blast. We guarantee each class will burn a minimum of 400 calories.


We offer membership prices as well as a nutritional plan that is catered to the individual.


Class Information

H.I.I.T - This is a fat burning class, high intensity workout that works big muscle groups.
Total Conditioning Workout - This class with the use of kettle bells, boxing gloves and plyometrics will challange any level of fitness.
Core & Bands - This class targets the abdominal area through a mixture of core and strength workouts.
Box-fit - This class combines cardio drills, circuits and boxing, high intensity but  brilliant all round workout.
Buggy Bootcamp


To help encourage Mums and Dads to get fit we provide Buggy Bootcamp classes. Which allows the parent to come allow to enjoy a workout, as well as enjoying the company of other parents.

We have morning classes during the week to enable you as a parent to workout along with your child. A Buggy Bootcamp workout consists a mix of cardio, resistance and core work. Every exercise will have a basic or an advanced option for those who want to feel challenged.

For any new mums, we would recommend you don't attend until at least 6 weeks after giving birth, or 8-12 weeks if you have had a C-section. However you may also wish to consult your doctor before joining class.

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